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Cybersecurity can be simple, it’s really about nailing down a few basics.

  • Is your network vulnerable to being hacked, and how can you reduce the risk?
  • Have you already been hacked and didn’t even know it? What exactly did they do?
  • Is there an active intruder with a presence on your network right now? What nefarious activities are they up to? How do you stop them?

Chicago Computer Forensics helps you answer these questions, quickly, discreetly and affordably. See … simple.

Computer security consultation and solutions are Chicago Computer Forensics specialties. We’ve responded to attacks, mitigated breaches and have designed security plans for Fortune 500 companies.

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Computer networks can breached in two basic ways:

  1. An insider agent steals data or compromises security from within the organization
  2. An outside agent can attempt to gain access electronically via the Internet or some other network

A good cyber security plan takes into account both inside and outside attack vectors, as well as the particulars of the organization that requires the security. Although there are best practices and cogent approaches to computer security, there is no “one size fits all.”

A huge advantage in choosing Chicago Computer Forensics to implement a cyber security program is that we are also experts in incident response, penetration testing, and proactive computer security. We have years of experience mitigating all types of cyber attacks – of all sophistication levels, and we’ve evolved a methodology which combines preventative measures along with rapid breach response tactics.

Planning for Security

Vulnerability Assessment

Security planning starts with a thorough assessment of the equipment, software, and processes of your entire IT system. We analyze your IT resources, intellectual property concerns, data architecture, physical perimeter security, concerns specific to your particular industry, and map out your particular threat landscape. We ask questions: Are there assets that might be especially valuable or vulnerable? Are there regulatory issues involved? What security measures are currently in place? Have employees been trained in data security fundamentals? Is there a viable plan in place should a breach or intrusion occur?

Securing the Environment

Many breaches occur simply because computers are physically vulnerable to attackers. Chicago Computer Forensics works to establish a secure perimeter, as well as a segmented infrastructure, with an aim towards protecting critical assets and targets. We look at access, use cases, and core procedures to determine effective measures to lock down and secure all equipment – from flash drives to servers.

Securing Network Access

All aspects of the network are examined and secured. We plot all end points, all points of access, and look at access privileges and security measures. We also examine data clouds and telecomputing issues. Firewalls are checked, software and hardware updated, new software is installed, and the entire network is scanned from both inside and out.

Design a Risk Management Policy

A detailed risk management policy clearly lays out the procedures to be followed for secure daily operations, as well as measures to be taken in the event of an incident.

Training Personnel

Employees can be your weakest link, or your greatest asset in terms of cyber security. As we’ve learned from performing penetration tests, cyber security starts far from the machine room. All employees should be trained in basic security protocols and the training should ramp up commensurate with level of access. And as Wi-Fi networks and remote access continues to grow, off-site and telecommuting employees must be included in security planning and training.

Monitoring Assets and Personnel

A comprehensive security plan includes a robust monitoring framework. There should be automated network monitoring, as well as scheduled checks by IT security personnel. User access should be logged, and in many cases surveillance of user computer activities is appropriate and even necessary.

Incident Response

Even the most secure assets can be compromised – the NSA certainly had excellent security in place when it was breached by Edward Snowden in 2013. A solid security plan also details protocols for minimizing damage from a cyber attack, from stopping the leak, to remediation, to dealing with the potential effect on clients, customers and, depending on the organization, public opinion. With a well thought out response plan, companies can and do recover from breaches, and they are also prepared to stand up and respond to regulators, clients, investors and the public.

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