Cyber Vulnerability Assessmentsin Chicago

Find out which cyber threats your business is most vulnerable to.

Chicago Computer Forensics performs highly cost effective cyber vulnerability assessments that are the basis of a thorough cyber security plan. We find potential problems and offer realistic solutions that are within your budget.

IT Dossier

We begin by creating a dossier of IT assets, looking at equipment, installed software packages, the physical and virtual status of systems and the network, use cases and the particularities of the organization’s network configuration. We search and scan the entire system from inside and out, looking for quirks, flaws, vulnerable endpoints, etc.

Identifying Threat Vectors

Every cyber security situation is unique. Often laptops and insiders may pose the highest threat vector; in a different situation, outsider attacks might be the more likely danger. An online retailer has very different security concerns than a lab or a graphics provider. Chicago Computer Forensics uses a proven variety of methods to expose the most likely threat vectors in any given environment.

Data Flow Mapping

Most organizations try to keep ESI secure, but there are many paths data can travel across an organization, and many forms it can assume as it is accessed and used. Cyber security cannot exist if an organization doesn’t know where every bit of data is and who has/had potential access to it. Chicago Computer Forensics’s detailed Data Flow Mapping reveals vulnerabilities, both in-network and within the organization, and suggests remedies.

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Our Clients

Chicago Computer Forensics works with clientele from all sectors, ranging in size from small graphic design firms, to Fortune 500 companies.

  • Pfizer
  • Progressive Insurance
  • Federal Express
  • GoDaddy
  • GSA Services
  • AGCO Corporation
  • AES Energy
  • Senior Aerospace
  • NASA